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Bahianinha Navel

Mid season maturing orange, smallish and slightly oval fruit. No alternate bearing.

Benny Valencia 2

Early maturing, precocious bearing orange. Low seed count, high internal quality. Protected variety, royalties payable.

Cambria Navel

Very late season, seedless orange. Protected variety.

Cara Cara Navel

Early to mid season maturing orange with red flesh – Blood Navel.

Turkey Valencia

Very early maturing orange. High acid and sugar content make it delicious and excellent for juicing.

Limes & Lemons

Eureka Lemon

Most popular lemon worldwide, virtually seedless. Oval shape with prominent basal point.

Limoneira Lemon

Small, round lemon with oily, flavourful rind.


Marsh Grapefruit

Light fleshed grapefruit.

Star Ruby

Delicious grapefruit with pink flesh. Very popular worldwide, great health benefits.

Mandarins/Clementines (Nartjie)

Nova Mandarin

Virtually seedless, sweet, easy peeler nartjie. Matures mid season.

Nules Clementine

Seedless, sweet, easy peeler nartjie. Mid to late season harvest.

Tango Mandarin

Exceptionally tasty early to mid season nartjie, very popular. The essence of a sweet, seedless, easy peeler nartjie. Protected variety.

Citrus Rootstocks

Carrizo Citrange

Very popular for mandarins, grapefruit , navel and valencia. Disease resistant, fairly compact growth habit, good internal fruit quality.

Swingle citrumelo

Very popular for mandarins, grapefruit, valencia and some lemon varieties. Disease resistant, not as compact as carrizo and with  later rind color development.

Minneola x trifoliate

Perfect for Eureka lemon, good disease resistance.

Rough Lemon

Very vigorous grower, good on sandy soils. Compatible with lemons and valencias.


Excellent for Eureka lemon, navels, valencia, grapefruit, mandarins.

Rough Lemon

Very vigorous grower, good on sandy soils. Compatible with lemons and valencias.

All mother material is obtained from the CRI Foundation block as part of the Citrus Improvement Scheme.

Other cultivars and rootstocks propagated on request…

From seedlings to trees