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Born out of a passion for exacting standards in Horticulture and Agriculture.

Initially starting out as an ornamental nursery in the 1990’s a transition to Citrus was made in 2006.

Young Valencia trees were propagated for own use at Henley Farm and once the demand for good nursery trees grew production of trees for private customers was embraced. This ultimately encompassed the cultivation of a wide scope of commercially popular varieties either for own use or for private farms.

Macadamia tree production was initiated in 2014 due to a major demand nationally and has since gone from strength to strength.

Since 2006 hundreds of thousands of Henley Nursery citrus and macadamia trees have been distributed to farms both locally as well as across our countries’ borders.

The current focus is to ‘just grow good trees’ – produce real top quality stock by doing the basics correctly , with some innovations , and letting nature take care of the rest.

Good seedling selection at the outset and perfect timing of processes ensures that each young plants’ vigour is never curtailed and a quality root system is formed.

We believe that premium quality plants, staff development and absolute commitment to our clients are the core values that should take us to greater heights