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We produce 7 of the most popular commercial varieties available however we can produce any commercial variety available in South Africa. We are on hand to give you advice and information on which cultivars to choose. We will try our best to fill your need. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

246 is a large tree with spreading growth habits. It has a dark green, wide leaf. It produces medium to large nuts.
Available NOW @ R60 a tree.

Small upright precocious tree has small, round and even size nuts.

Available NOW @ R70 a tree.

Hawaiian selection that is a preferred commercial variety in new plantings. Good resistance to husk spot. Upright, moderately dense tree, very high% kernel recovery. Large uniform kernels, early to mid season nut drop.

Available NOW @ R70 a tree.

Producing large nuts, the Beaumont macadamia is well-suited for growth in dry, subtropical areas. A hybrid selection from crossing two Australian natives, the smooth-shelled (Macadamia integrifolia) and the rough-shelled (M. tetraphylla) macadamias, it is a very slow growing, evergreen tree that attains an upright yet rounded canopy

Available NOW @ R70 a tree.

Hawaiian selection that has proven to one of the top performers in commercial trials.

Available NOW @ R70 a tree.

An Australian selection that shows dwarfing tendencies. High yielder, excellent nut quality. Slow growing and wind tolerant. Med – large nut and high kernal recovery.

Available NOW @ R70 a tree.

A very precocious tree that can produce commercial yields in three years. A medium spreading tree with an open canopy. Mid season fall. Susceptible to stress from high temperatures, performs well in cooler regions. Needs extra fertilizer to compensate for its early cropping ability. Can be susceptible to wind damage.

Available NOW @ R70 a tree.

An open spreading moderately vigorous tree. Good kernel recovery and excellent quality kernel. The best all round new Hawaiian variety in recent industry trials.

Available NOW @ R70 a tree.
Nelmac 2
A South African hybrid cultivar, it has a sweet seed, which means it has to be cooked carefully so that the sugars do not caramelise. The sweet seed is usually not fully processed, as it generally does not taste as good, but many people enjoy eating it uncooked. It has an open micropyle (hole in the shell), which may let in fungal spores. The crack-out percentage (ratio of nut meat to whole nut by weight) is high. Ten-year-old trees average 22 kg per tree. It is a popular variety because of its pollination of 'Beaumont' and the yields are almost comparable.
Availability: Order for 2022
Price: R65.00