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Henley Nursery have a fine selection of citrus plants and do most  popular citrus varieties available in South Africa. 

We have budded citrus available as well as various rootstock to bud onto , feel free to enquire about availability. 

 All budwood and seed is certified and obtained from the CRI.

This rootstock has performed very well under grapefruit, well under oranges when they are not grown on poor or highly calcareous soils but there is not much known about its performance under lemons. It is incompatible with Eureka lemon. Although Swingle produces very well in many soil types, it is reported that it performs poorly in soils high in lime. It is superior to the citranges in its tolerance to water logging.
Bears Lime / Delta Valencia / Late Valencia / Midnight Valencia / Marsh Grapefruit
ALL on Swingle

Order for 2022 @ R65 per tree.
Carrizo is suited to replant soils where calcium (free lime) levels are not high and it has good tolerance to nematodes, Phytophthora and other replant diseases. They are inferior to Rough lemon and C. volkameriana for translocation of soil water from the roots to the leaves and fruit. Citrange rootstocks tend to produce smaller fruit. They are favored by most farmers.
Delta Valencia / Midnight Valencia / Nova Mandarin / Nules Clementine / Star Ruby Grapefruit
ALL on Carrizo

Order for 2022 @ R65 per tree.
Rough Lemon
Rough lemon is a very good rootstock for producing large healthy trees, however, it tends to produce fruit rough in texture and lower in juice. These negative effects could be at least partly countered by adjusting nutrition programs but rough lemon also tends to produce larger fruit with thicker skins. Trees are more prone to damage from root diseases, nematodes and water logging. Mature fruit can be stored, “on tree” for less time, compared with other rootstocks. Rough lemon is best suited to virgin soils and should not be used in replant soils.
Eureka Lemon on Rough Lemon

Order for 2022 @ R65 per tree.
Developed in South Africa in early 1950s. Has not been used much in the past, but is now starting to enjoy some popularity, particularly where salinity can be a problem. Trees on MXT are fairly similar in most characteristics such as internal quality, tree shape, and yield to Troyer citrange, but growth is slightly slower.
Eureka Lemon on MXT

Order for 2022 @ R65 per tree.
C-35 is reported to be a slightly smaller, more open tree with some some low-branch dieback in older trees. It has trifoliolate leaves typical of most F1 hybrids between Citrus and Poncirus, with seed number averaging 8 to 12 per fruit.
Delta Valencia / Midnight Valencia / Nova Mandarin / Nules Clementine / Star Ruby Grapefruit
ALL on C-35

Order for 2022 @ R65 per tree.
Delta Valencia
The Delta valencia is a type of juicing orange with significantly larger fruit size and is seedless. Intense flavour makes it excellent for eating or juicing. It has a well-coloured, moderately thin and very smooth rind. The fruit generally has a soft succulent texture with a light orange flesh. Lower acid content combines with a high sugar content produce a delicious taste.
On Swingle or Carrizo Rootstock

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Midnight Valencia
Midknight is a virtually seedless, medium-large, somewhat oblong fruit of excellent quality and medium-late maturity. Marloth and Basson (1955) regard this South African variety as an early Valencia selection and it is commonly called Midknight Valencia. Since it ripens earlier than Valencia and does not fruit in clusters to the same degree, it is probably best considered a variety. The tree is moderately vigorous and upright-growing, with large, broad leaves, but not as productive as standard Valencia.
On Carrizo or Swingle rootstock.

Available Now @R65 per tree.
Nova Mandarin
Nova mandarins are a cross between a clementine and a tangelo. They are a very attractive fruit with dark orange skin and flesh. The rind and flesh have a distinct aroma and are a deep orange color. Internal quality is extremely good, with high sugar (brix) levels resulting in a sweet eating experience.
On Carrizo rootstock.

Available Now @R65 per tree.
Star Ruby Grapefruit
The summer grapefruit is the perfect fruit to refresh yourself with a juiciness that is hard to beat. The South African dark red coloring provides you a tangy and tart flavor, with an underlying sweetness. Not only are these grapefruits rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, but can also aid in weight loss! Enjoy our Star Ruby Grapefruit as a healthy breakfast choice or drink a glass of fresh squeezed juice on a hot summer day. The grapefruit season lasts from the middle of June through the beginning of September.
On Swingle Rootstock.

On Carrizo rootstock @R65 per tree.
Eureka Lemon
Citrus Limon is the botanical name for the 'Eureka' lemon, the ever popular smooth-skinned lemon that is used extensively in households all around the country. A robust evergreen tree, the 'Eureka' lemon can attain a mature height of around 5 metres.
On MXT and Rough Lemon rootstock.

Available Now @R65 per tree.
Late Valencia
Very different from the Navels, the Valencia Late is one of the latest kinds of Valencias. Of medium size, its skin is easy to peel off. Its taste is sweet with a more intense touch of acidity compared to the Navels.
On Swingle rootstock.

Available Now @R65 per tree.
Marsh Grapefruit
Marsh Grapefruit is a large, compact, attractive, evergreen tree with glossy, dark green leaves and fragrant, creamy-white blossoms. The fruit grows in clusters on the outside of the tree and matures best in inland areas. It's the most popular variety of grapefruit with a yellow-white flesh and yellow rind.
On Swingle rootstock.

Available Now @R65 per tree.