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Henley Nursery is a world class citrus, macadamia and avocado producing nursery located in the Letsitele and Haenertsburg area of Limpopo. We are five star SAMAC accredited, five star SAAGA accredited and CRI accredited, producing the best quality trees in South Africa.

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At Henley nursery we produce micrografted trees on seedling rootstock, as well as propagated rooted cuttings.

We graft on 3-4 month old seedlings still attached to the dicotyledonous leaf that is the Macadamia nut, ensuring rapid and vigorous growth, conducive to juvenile wood. This enables us to achieve high take percentages on all our varieties and a sellable tree within 14months.

Our rooted cuttings are selected from healthy trees insuring good tissue to produce quality trees giving the farmer and alternative option.

We take our responsibility to the farmer seriously…

We pride ourselves in our abilty to produce healthy trees, from seed to farm, in 14 months. We are a 5 star Samac accredited Nursery.

We produce Macadamia, Citrus & Avocado trees.
Guava, Almond & Granadilla trees coming soon

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